Dear You,
This blog was created entirely with you in mind. It's here for you to express yourself. To be as honest as you wish and write 'till your heart's content. We're here to support you and let you know you're loved and wonderful, and that we hope this blog can be your very own sanctuary.


I realised recently that I am completely in love with you, and it is the most wonderful, most heartbreaking thing that I have ever had to endure


told myself i wouldn’t torture myself like this but i miss you. a lot. there’s just a part of me that won’t stop telling me that you were special and that i shouldn’t have let you go so easily. not that we were made for each other but that you have a spark that won’t be dulled by such mundane notions.


please don’t let me be falling for you
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Have a lovely day!


I’ve spent the last few months looking for something I already have, no wonder I feel empty. I love him but I can’t help thinking of all the possibilities. Every stranger on the street is a maybe-lover, every boy I talk to might some day whisper in my ear all the things I already know.

I think I lost you for good and it scares me so much. I messed everything up and I just keep messing myself up even more. I know you can’t save me, only God can but I still wish you were here even though that’s so selfish of me. I hope you are doing okay and are happy.

Just a note to our followers:

We’re very sorry we haven’t been around lately, but we will do our best to be more present when your letters come in. This blog is very important to us, but it is still only secondary to our personal lives. We love you and hope you continue to keep sending them in. 


Forgive the length of this letter, but this is all I have ever wanted to say to you and the only way I’d ever get this message to you. I think you’re the best person I know. You make me feel good about myself and you make me grow. I think you have the most beautiful smile and the best heart. I know you’re not mine, no matter how much I want you to be. What’s worse is that you never will be and that is probably the hardest thing I’ve had to admit to myself lately.


I don’t know whether it calms me or frightens me if you are moving on, meeting other women. A big part of me wants you to find someone who can be there for you unlike I did and can be want you need to feel better. And then, there’s also a very tiny part deep down inside that wants you to still keep writing poems about me. That’s pretty selfish, I know, but I miss the way you composed words into beautiful poetry and that I’m behind in the though process. I’m sorry if I broke your heart. </3


I feel it again, the tight lump in my throat when I realise i managed to alienate everyone. I can be so selfish with my time and attention, that I forget people will eventually start doing the same.